Anacortes casino-hotel’s temporary ‘technical issues’ closure leaves customers blindsided

ANACORTES, Wash. — A casino in Anacortes is temporarily closed due to technical issues, the casino posted on social media

The closure has left a number of customers who had made reservations are caught by surprise.

Swinomish Casino & Lodge, located on Casino Drive in Anacortes, announced on Friday the temporary closure was due to technical issues.

But it did not share details around the problem.

The following day, the casino said the closure was not due to a scheduled maintenance.

“We are experiencing issues that are being worked on and estimated to be reopened by tomorrow afternoon,” the Facebook comment wrote.

But as of Monday, the casino remains closed without sharing any further explanation.

KIRO 7 News checked the casino’s website Monday and the following message alert appeared:

“Temporarily closed. Our technical issues will require us to remain closed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. Our team is actively working to resolve the issues. Updates on our reopening will be provided as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support.”

KIRO 7 News reached out to the casino to get more details about the reason behind the closure.

We are still waiting to hear back.

We stopped by the casino on Monday and saw several crew members working in front of the building.

A worker told us they were working to fix the casino’s internet.


A worker told KIRO 7 News off-camera that workers have been told to not come in.

He said he has not received an update from the casino since.

“The gaming floor is closed. Food and beverage outlets are closed,” he said. “They haven’t given us any kind of update via email like they usually do.”

“I care about the other employees for the company,” he continued to share.

KIRO 7 News also spoke with Greg Sullivan, who used to work at the casino for several years.

“The casino industry does not close on a Friday or a Saturday night, especially on the first Friday or Saturday of the month because that’s when you’ll get people who have paid their bills and want to go out on the weekend,” he said.

“The only time I remember the casino ever emptying was when someone mistakenly pulled the fire alarm,” he added.

Sullivan said he’s concerned for many workers, especially those who rely on tips to pay their monthly bills.

“This impact is substantial on the workers, particularly the ones that are not salary employees,” he said. “The public absolutely deserves the truth. You have a large community there that is impacted by them not being open.”


At the casino, KIRO 7 News saw a number of customers walk towards the casino’s main entrance to only be met with a locked door.

“We’re from Seattle and we drove over here for his (boyfriend) birthday. And we tried to go to the Tulip Festival, but it’s really windy so we decided to come check in and it’s not even open,” said Haley Cavanaugh, a customer.

Cavanaugh said she had made reservations before she drove nearly two hours to surprise her boyfriend with a birthday trip to the casino.

“Wouldn’t they tell me it’s canceled or something? So, I’m just very confused,” she said.

“I’m surprised they’re closed and haven’t said anything,” her boyfriend shared.

The casino’s main entrance has a sign indicating the casino is temporarily closed.

We also saw several security members standing guard behind the main entrance.

“I also saw the employees just standing behind the door and I’m like maybe one of you should come out here since we’re all standing outside the door confused,” Cavanaugh said.

Sarah Seelow said she had plans to take her boyfriend to the casino on Friday and also made reservations for Sunday night.

“I actually seen a post on Facebook about them being closed,” she said.

Seelow received a call Friday and Saturday from the casino to notify her about the closure, she added.

The employee told her the casino had issues with its internet and phones, she shared.

“I can’t believe it’s still going on after four days,” she said. “I was excited to do it -a little disappointing we weren’t able to go.”

“I think a lot of people had plans to come out. I mean it’s the weekend,” she added.

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