Around the Sound: Seattle Restaurant Week

SEATTLE — Seattle Restaurant Week highlights the best in the business in and around the greater Seattle area and helps shine a spotlight on the participating restaurants.

Hanoon in Kirkland is getting ready for the customer rush.

“It’s definitely a spike in business. It’s a great boom for the local restaurant scenes. Get ready for something outrageously flavorful, it’s definitely something a lot of people haven’t had, but sometimes taking a walk on the wild side is sometimes great,” Hanoon General Manager Erik Agnew said.

Hanoon has two separate offerings. For lunch, there is a three-course $20 deal with mezzes, wraps, and dessert. For dinner, you can expect mezzes again, a grilled entree, and dessert for $35. Expect a Middle Eastern fusion with a PNW flare.

“We try to strike that balance. There’s a lot of people that feel at home with some of the traditional things executed really well, and people thinking it’s exciting because it’s a mix of new things. We get a mix of people who come here, and it reminds them of home in a way, and we get people who come here and try something new they’ve never tried,” Mama Group Marketing Manager Azmi Haroun said.

Between the daily freshly made bread, chicken shawarmas, and unique flavors and spices, it’s no surprise Hanoon has become a foodie favorite.

Marketing Manager Azmi says a big part of the experience is feeling like you’re at home.

“Come to Hanoon, let us take care of you. Let us show you the best elements of our culture, and how we’re always thinking of the next thing. I think people will feel at home here, but also have an experience. People think of a middle eastern restaurant, we want to broaden someone’s idea of what that means,” Haroun said.

Seattle Restaurant Week starts Sunday, April 14, and runs through April 27.