Beloved rescue dog shot, killed outside of Lake City home

SEATTLE — Stevie, the beloved rescue dog of Michelle Michaels was shot and killed April 4th, in broad daylight outside of their home in Lake City.

Alyssa Fricano is Michaels’ roommate and said she got a frantic text message from Michaels the day this happened.

“Michelle texted me saying Stevie got shot and I didn’t believe it because I didn’t understand,” she said.

Fricano was at work at the time and rushed home.

“I ran inside, and I saw Michelle holding Stevie and she was dead, bleeding in our living room,” she said.

Court documents said Michaels had let outside and somehow, she got out of the backyard.

“Michelle was on her work meeting and heard a gunshot and looked out the window and saw Stevie lying in the street,” Fricano said.

Police believe the shooter is Yussuf Magan, a neighbor.

“He was just walking by with a gun holstered and shot Stevie from like ten feet away,” Fricano said.

Court documents say Magan told police that Stevie charged at him.

However, a witness who called 911 said Stevie “was just standing there when it was shot.”

Magan was arrested and is facing a charge of animal cruelty in the first degree.

“To have justice for Stevie and have people understand how good of a dog she was and to not have people just walk around with guns in neighborhoods,” Fricano said.

Court documents also say that Magan and his mother told police that, “this dog has been terrorizing Yussuf for approximately 13 years.”

However, the math doesn’t add up because Stevie is only four years old.

Stevie was adopted by Michaels through an organization that rescues street dogs from Qatar and brings them to the United States.

“She was quirky, she loved the beach and running and chasing seagulls, she loved ice cream, she loved to be held like a baby, we would carry her in our backpacks and carry her like a baby she was just really loved by us and all of our friends,” Fricano said.

Fricano and Michaels have not been staying at their home in Lake City.

They said they do not feel safe there anymore since Magan posted bail and is back home.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for the necropsy, cremation fees and moving expenses for the two women.

Magan’s arraignment is set for April 22nd where he will enter and an official plea.