‘Do it for Zoey’: Grieving family urges suspect in deadly Roy crash to turn himself in

A teenager’s grieving family is pleading with the suspect in a deadly crash to turn himself in.

This comes nearly three months after the crash that took her life. The suspect has been free since then. 

No one in her family has seen the Tacoma man since the tragic accident. But he was just charged with vehicular homicide. Now Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for him, too.

“I know God would want me to forgive him,” said Grandmother Jeanne Sison, her voice breaking. “But I can’t do it yet.”

They are a family awash in grief.

“When my mom texted me at, what, 10 o’clock at night, my chest was so,” said Aunt Selena Sison, her voice trailing off. “I relive that night. I try not to, but it’s hard.”

It’s hard for all who loved 16-year-old Zoey Wiseman, her aunt, her grandmother, her mother, too.

“We need the truth,” said Kayla Crow, her mother. “And he needs to tell it so he can move on with his own life as well. It’s going to eat him alive (if) he saw my daughter the way we read in the autopsy report. It’s going to eat him alive.”

She is talking about 18-year-old Nikolas Levi Mallow Greinke, “Nick,” they call him, who was behind the wheel of his 1992 Toyota pickup on November 30 when tragedy struck.

Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies say Greinke crossed the center line to pass another car, instead hitting a Ford Mustang head-on. The driver of the Mustang said Greinke was going fast.

Eyewitnesses say Greinke returned to the scene three times trying to awaken Wiseman. But she likely died in an instant.

Then he took off.

“At this point, our detectives have tried to get ahold of him through family,” said Sgt. Darren Moss Jr. “He knows that the Sheriff’s department is trying to talk to him to get his side of the story. Since he has been completely uncooperative throughout the process, the prosecutor has issued warrants for his arrest.”

Now Wiseman’s family is pleading with him to do what they say is right.

“I just want Nick to turn himself in or someone that knows where he is, to turn him in,” said her grandmother.

“Do it for Zoey,” said her mother.

“Do it for Zoey,” said her grandmother. “Do it for us.”

They are making that same plea to anyone else who knows where he is, to turn him in for Wiseman’s sake.