Lake Forest Park police catch teens red-handed with alcohol and a stolen car

LAKE FOREST PARK, Wash. — A teenage car thief is on the loose after running through the Town Center Mall at lake Forest Park to escape capture.

Police received a call about a car driving recklessly on Bothell Way NE Thursday afternoon.

The car was soon spotted backed-in to a parking spot at the Mall at 17100 Bothell Way NE.

At the same time, two teenage boys were leaving the Rite Aid store carrying stolen bottles of alcohol.

The two took off, and one the teens was immediately caught.

Police brought him back into the Rite Aid where employees positively identified him as the thief.

Besides the alcohol that he stole – which still had a security cap attached – police found a cannabis smoking device on him.

He is charged with theft.

The car they were in turned out to be stolen out of Seattle. The stolen car’s owner later picked it up, despite it having some interior damage.

The other teen ran into the mall and is still at-large. Police haven’t released a description of the suspect.