President Biden addresses Israel-Hamas War during campaign event in the Puget Sound

SEATTLE — President Joe Biden addressed the Israel-Hamas War as he finished his campaign events in the Puget Sound.

The president wrapped up his last fundraising event in Medina Saturday afternoon after he had kicked off his trip in downtown Seattle Friday.

President Biden’s first event was held at the Lotte Hotel in downtown Seattle where pro-Palestine supporters lined the streets with many calling for a ceasefire.

During his campaign reception Saturday afternoon, the President reportedly attended the home of a former Microsoft CEO on Lake Washington where he shared remarks on the ongoing war in the Middle East.

“Before I begin, let me answer a question related to the hostages. I keep getting asked by the press and all the other folks out there. You know, there would be a ceasefire tomorrow if Hamas released the hostages, women, the elderly, and the wounded,” he said.

“Israel said, ‘It’s up to Hamas if they wanted to do it. We could end it tomorrow. And the ceasefire would begin tomorrow,’” the president added.

“I guess I shouldn’t get into all this about Israel,” he added.

Following his campaign event, KIRO 7 News saw the presidential motorcade travel to SeaTac International Airport.

Families gathered at the intersection of Northeast 24th Street and ­92nd Avenue Northeast in Medina as the president’s motorcade, surrounded by police officers, passed through.

“Very surreal that we have the president in a residential area. It’s pretty crazy actually. I can’t fathom it,” said Hodam Brylle, a neighbor.

“It was amazing. I have never seen this,” said Rakesh Garg, a neighbor.

Garg’s daughter said, “I cannot believe the president just casually drove past my bedroom window. That is crazy.”

President Joe Biden departed SeaTac International Airport around 2 p.m. to travel to Delaware.

A spokesperson for SeaTac International Airport said the airfield was on freeze for about 26 minutes when the president arrived on Air Force One, meaning no vehicle or plane in the airfield was moving.

Officials said the president’s departure did not significantly impact passengers’ flights.

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