Rain, melting ice lead to flooding concerns across Western Washington

Edmonds, WA— Friday’s ice storm caused chaos across Western Washington.

“It was nuts out here,” said Ed York, who is visiting Seattle.

There were several wrecks. As folks walked around on Saturday, they noticed all the damage.

“Oh, there’s plenty of fender benders. I mean, bumpers missing, windows broken out, it must have been a mess out here,” said York.

Many say they’ve never experienced an ice storm like Friday’s.

“I’ve lived here my whole life and it’s never been like that before. Yeah, it was super icy everywhere. The freezing rain was awful,” said Shane Richards, who lives in Ballard.

With all the ice melting and Saturday’s nonstop rain, some areas had flooding.

“Yeah, tons of water just everywhere. It was over my feet getting in the car today,” said Richards.

Over by the Edmonds Ferry entrance, there was some major flooding.

Snohomish County says they have flood engineers paying close attention to the weather.

“Our county has flood engineers. They watch the hydrographs, they are looking at, seeing what the rivers are going to be doing. This time we don’t see any immediate flooding concern, but again we have on call staff that will close roads is necessary,” said Kelly Snyder, director of the Snohomish County Public Works department.

Snyder says they have plenty of materials on hand in case there’s more severe weather this winter season.