Sound Transit to begin checking light rail tickets

Starting June 3, fare ambassadors with Sound Transit will check to ensure that you paid to ride the light rail.

Travelers within areas that require a ticket to enter will need to provide proof of a purchased ticket to the Sound Transit employees.

According to Sound Transit, two teams of fare ambassadors - wearing yellow baseball caps - will start at opposite ends of a train and will go car to car, to check everyone’s ticket.

This testing phase will only be done on the Link 1 line and only at the downtown Seattle stations and only during peak times.

The checks will be done because Sound Transit relies on the fare revenues to operate and if people aren’t paying, Sound Transit will find other ways to raise money, like tax increases.

Sound Transit says the goal of the program is to educate travelers on how to use the system, like using ticket machines, or to connect people with security or emergency services.

Ticket checks are expected to expand to other stations later this fall and into 2025.

Final procedure plans will be finalized by 206, just in time for the World Cup.

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