Stepped up police patrols after violent weekend in south Everett neighborhood

EVERETT, Wash. — A North Sound neighborhood is on edge after a holiday weekend of gun violence including a dramatic crash and a death.

Everett Police say they are stepping up patrols near Lions Park in south Everett in response to the weekend violence that left one man dead.

So far, no one has been arrested.

Neighbors describe what sounded like a gun battle happening where children play.

That is what has people so alarmed around here. What they describe as a gun battle down 75th Southeast ended in a crash right here.

Then Saturday night, during a vigil for the dead man, more shots were fired.

It has been a violent Thanksgiving weekend in this little corner of south Everett. It started Friday night.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, all the way down the hill,” said one neighbor. “Maybe seven or eight shots. Coming down the hill from the park.”

He didn’t want to be identified, still rattled after an alleged gun fight that ended in a stunning crash Friday night across from him on Beverly Boulevard.

“And my son got up,” the neighbor said. “We walked over and watched the car roll gently into the yard down there.”

Inside that car was a man dying after having been shot. Eyewitnesses say they watched three people extricate themselves from the car, then take off.

Then Saturday night, Joy Trull and her neighbors heard gunfire again.

“It was just like a pop, pop, pop,” Trull said.

This time the gunfire was coming from those leaving a vigil for the man who died the night before.

“It’s upsetting,” said Trull. “I mean I have young kids.”

The visible evidence of the shooting is all around this Lions Park neighborhood. At least four bullets put holes in a neighbor’s fence. Gunfire struck nearby vehicles, too. This shell casing was found in a flattened tire.

All of it has spurred Everett police into dipping into its overtime budget to step up patrols.

“We don’t take our citizens’ safety lightly,” said Officer Ora Hamel, Everett Police Public Information Officer. “And our department is very good about supporting our community and getting officers where they need to be.”

That is bringing a measure of comfort to this neighborhood.

“Well, I’m seeing more police than I used to,” said the neighbor. “So, sooner or later, one of them is going to screw up and get caught.”

“I hope so,” said his wife.

We still don’t know who died here. And Everett police tell us they don’t have any suspects.

They say they need surveillance video and more information.

If you know anything about these shootings you’re asked to call the Everett Police Tipline, (425) 257-8450, or Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound, 1-800-222-TIPS.