Tacoma officer jumps into lake to save teen

TACOMA, Wash. — A Tacoma police officer jumped into Wapato Lake to save a teen who went underwater Monday.

The juvenile was in the water when they were unable to get out around 2:11 p.m.

Two officers happened to be in the Wapato Park parking lot when the call went out.

The officers ran to the scene, and one officer jumped into the lake and swam 20-30 feet from shore.

The officer went under the water and was able to push the teen to the other officer.

The second officer got the teen to shore where more officers were waiting to give aid until fire crews arrived.

Tacoma Police isn’t identifying the age or sex of the child.

Police don’t know how long the juvenile was in the water, but was transported to a local hospital in stable condition according to a Tacoma police press release.