Teams rescue dog in precarious position on Whatcom County cliff ledge

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WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. — Quick thinking by rescuers helped save the life of a great Pyrenees mix named Yuki last week.

On Thursday morning, the Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) got a call about a dog named Yuki that was trapped on a small cliff ledge off the Pacific Northwest Trail in Whatcom County.

Members of WASART and Summit to Sound Search and Rescue (STS) went to the location, where they met with owner, who had a general area of where the dog was and could hear her barking.

After a search, rescuers were able to see the dog on a small ledge 250 feet below the trail. There was a drop of 50 feet of smooth rock on either side of Yuki, leaving her no way to get down on her own.

After a team hiked up to an area right above the dog, members used rope to drop down 150 feet of steep terrain. Once there, they devised a plan to lower someone down 100 more feet to Yuki’s location.

Once at the location, a rescuer put the dog into a rescue harness, which was attached to the rope system. As she was being secured, it began to snow and hail.

After they were secured, both were lowered 50 feet to the base of the cliff where Yuki was reunited with her owner.

“We are so glad to have been able to help Yuki get back safely to her owner,” WASART said in a Facebook post, which also thanked Summit to Sound Search and Rescue for their willingness to always help.

Both Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) and Summit to Sound Search and Rescue are all-volunteer organizations.

For more information or to make donations, visit www.wasart.org and www.summittosound.org.