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Black bear spotted near Tacoma neighborhood

A black bear has been spotted near a Tacoma neighborhood, according to a KIRO 7 viewer who sent in a photo, and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

The bear has been spotted in several locations, including Titlow Park, south of Point Defiance Park, and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, along the water.

The young adult black bear appears to be in good health and old enough to be on its own, according to WDFW.

The bear appears to be getting around the area, which is not unusual behavior, the WDFW said.

WDFW has been monitoring the situation, and while there have been no negative interactions with the bear and people, WDFW is hopeful the bear will move on to more suitable habitat.

To help the bear move along, people should secure items such as garbage cans, bird feeders, and pet food, which will encourage the bear to go elsewhere when it needs food.