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Two girls, ages 11 and 13, robbed of sandwiches at gunpoint in Spanaway

According to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, two girls were the victims of an armed robbery in Spanaway on Saturday.

At about 4:40 p.m. Saturday, deputies responded to a report of an armed robbery in the 20200 block of Hidden Village Drive East in Spanaway.

Two girls, ages 11 and 13, had been walking home after buying sandwiches at a nearby restaurant when they were approached by four boys.

As the 11-year-old quickly called her mother, she felt an object pressed against the back of her neck. The 13-year-old told her it was a gun.

The boys demanded the girls give them all of their stuff, and the girls handed over the sandwiches and the phone.

The boys told the girls not to tell anyone what happened and ran off.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office did not provide descriptions of the suspects.